Curriculum Vitae


As the leader in my current role, I am responsible for driving CX excellence across the organization. I bring my expertise and insights to influence the product and growth strategy, and I work to acquire high-potential customers while promoting CX best practices in the industry. I strive to inspire others to join me on this journey and to drive product and CX innovation and advocacy both at Dixa and beyond.

Downlad C.V.

Work experience


VP CX Excellence & Chief Evangelist, 2016 – Present
Employee number seven holding various roles from startup through hypergrowth. As the VP of CX Excellence & Chief Evangelist at Dixa, I’ve been instrumental in driving the company’s growth through three core areas of responsibility. 

  • I’ve successfully identified and acquired high-potential customers.
  • Defined and promoted CX Excellence in the industry and internally. 
  • I worked closely with the CEO and CPO on developing the product roadmap and growth strategy. 

My dedication to enhancing customer experiences and thought leadership has been pivotal in Dixa’s continued success. Achievements include but are not limited to the following:

  • I led the pre-sales solutions strategy on several key enterprise customers with an increase in ARR to the value of $6M.
  • Played a critical advisory role in acquiring three companies that helped shape the product integration strategy and market fit with the acquisition of Elevio, Miuros, and Solvemate. 
  • I played a crucial part in the development of vital product developments, which resulted in an improvement of efficiency by 20% on average for our customers. 
  • In my role as Chief Evangelist, I was the face of Dixa at relevant industry events and helped drive the growth of Dixa in new territories in the US, which we could grow from $11M ARR to $16M ARR in 18 months. 
  • I have built, managed, and scaled customer success, customer experience, and CX excellence teams.
  • I led pre-sales on a US gaming client. I supported delivering required product features on time, training 3.200 in-house and outsourced agents, and delivering a user manual. 
  • Instrumental in growing the customer base from 0 to more than 800 paying customers.
    I have been directly involved in securing 20% of Dixa’s current customers.
  • Helped secure high-value customers that grew revenue from $0 to $20M.
  • Part of securing Seed Round, Series A, Series B, and Series C funding rounds.
VP CX Excellence & Chief Evangelist (2023-)
As the VP CX Excellence & Chief Evangelist at Dixa, I’ve been instrumental in driving the company’s growth through three core areas of responsibility. I’ve successfully identified and acquired high-potential customers, defined, and promoted CX Excellence in the industry, and provided invaluable expertise to shape Dixa’s product and growth strategy. My dedication to enhancing customer experiences and thought leadership has played a pivotal role in Dixa’s continued success. Reporting to the CEO.

CX Excellence:
  • Collaborated closely with the strategic sales team to acquire new customers for Dixa.
  • Identified potential high-value customers and assisted in prospect calls and demos.
  • Participated in client meetings as the CX domain expert to highlight product benefits.
  • Worked with the CRO to target key sectors, geographies, and companies for customer acquisition and formulating the GTM strategy.

  • CX Evangelism:
  • Defined and promoted the concept of CX Excellence for customer-centric organizations.
  • Engaged with customers to understand their challenges and current solutions, including competitors.
  • Established myselfs as a thought leadership position through product marketing and webinars.
  • Represented Dixa in the CX community to enhance brand awareness.

  • Advisor on Product/GTM Strategy:
  • Leveraged domain expertise to advise various departments on Dixa’s product and growth strategy.
  • Contributed to the product strategy and quarterly priorities based on market insights.
  • Identified new market opportunities and analyzing competitors to keep Dixa at the forefront.
  • Collaborated with product management to ensure customer- focused solutions and effective communication.
  • Assisted in building and executing the vision and strategy for Dixa products.
  • Acted as a product specialist for all Dixa products, fostering engagement with customers and prospects.

  • This role has allowed me to combine my passion for customer experiences with strategic thinking, contributing to Dixa’s growth and success
    VP Product Strategy (2022)
    A key contributor to the success of internal product teams and customers’ Customer Service operations. Part of a cross-functional Product and Engineering Executive team to refine the product strategy and deliver on the product vision — while keeping our commercial business happy along the way.
    Member of Dixa’s Executive Management Team (EMT) and the Product & Engineering Leadership Team (PELT).
    Reporting to the CEO.
  • Contributed with a deep understanding of the landscape of the market, be analyzing competitors, to ensure Dixa was continuously at the forefront of the market.
  • Establish myself as a thought leader in the industry through product marketing, webinars, etc.
  • Obsessed with customers and communicated product feedback and new opportunities to product management.
  • Assisted Dixa’s commercial teams in strategic pre-sales conversations.
  • Leveraged knowledge about Dixa and the competitive environment to help product managers deliver compelling solutions to customer problems.
  • Ensured that new features function as described, create compelling value for users, and are well documented.
  • Worked with Customer Success to communicate product function and value to customers.
  • In close co-op with the VP of Product and the product organization, helped build, evangelize and execute Dixa products’ vision and strategy.
  • Acted as a product specialist for Dixa, Elevio, Miuros, and Solvemate and supported innovations both internally and externally, working closely with all departments at Dixa and with prospects and customers in ensuring a high level of engagement with the Dixa suite or family of products.
  • VP CX Excellence (2021)
    Reporting to the CRO.
  • Organized and lead the CX Excellence team around agreed-upon priorities to include (among others):
  • Build a “Best Practices Guide” for CX leaders.
  • Build/Develop a “Blueprint” to expertly coach a customer into modernizing the CX function.
  • Part of and contributed to Commercial Leadership Team (CLT) weekly calls.
  • Helped the sales team become industry experts (through training, and presentations).
  • Leading from the front on Dixa’s value messaging.
  • Assisted with objection handling and competitive differentiation knowledge sharing and training (work with Senior Director, Lead Sales Readiness and Enablement).
  • Helped the sales team close new business and retain existing customers.
  • Chief CX Evangelist (2020)
    Reporting to the CEO.
    Part of the Strategy & Business Development team. The department’s objective is to:
  • Find opportunities for Dixa to improve our customer experience.
  • Secure better cross-functional collaboration.
  • Help drive cross-functional knowledge sharing Projects: Dixa Academy (online training videos), Sales Playbook, Pricing Project, Product Vision, Product Demo Project, Value Framework, and others.
  • VP of Customer Experience (2018)
    Reporting to the CCO.
    Articulated, envisioned, and drove the evangelization of the Dixa experience from a product, company, and customer point of view – tell the story and create ambassadors.
  • Responsible for pre-sales, solution architecture, and demo experiences in the customer acquisition and sales processes in close cooperation with Sales and the CCO.
  • Daily responsible for customer-driven development based on inputs directly from customers, the market, industry standards, etc., and always fully aligned with the overall Product Roadmap and Product Vision.
  • Secured and created a close and warm link between the VP of Product and VP of Customer Experience roles to ensure both customer-driven development and a good product/market fit aligned with the overall product vision.
  • Responsible for customer events and meetups for inspiring, engaging, and relating to existing customers, potential customers, and business partners.
  • Overall responsible for Customer Success and onboarding in close cooperation with Sales and the CCO.
  • Overall responsible for Customer Service and support in close cooperation with Sales and the CCO.
  • VP of Product & Customer Success (2016)
    Reporting to the CCO.
  • Determine customers’ needs and desires by specifying the research needed to obtain market information.
  • Recommended the nature and scope of present and future products/functionalities by reviewing product specifications and requirements and appraising new product ideas and/or product changes.
  • Assessed market competition by comparing the company’s products to competitors’ products.
  • – Provides source data for product line communications by defining product marketing communication objectives.
  • Obtained product market share by working with VP of sales & marketing to develop product sales/marketing strategies.
  • Contributed with relevant content for future sales & marketing campaigns.
  • Assessed product & market data by calling on customers with field salespeople, initiating marketing initiatives, and evaluating results.
  • Brought new products to market by analyzing proposed product requirements and product development programs, preparing return-on-investment analyses, and establishing time schedules with the head of development & VP of sales & marketing.
  • Introduced and markets new products by developing time-integrated plans with sales, marketing, and development.
  • Determined product pricing by utilizing market research data and reviewing the development, marketing, sales, and onboarding costs.
  • Maintained product management and customer satisfaction staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  • Maintained product management and customer satisfaction staff’s job results by counseling, planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
  • Maintained professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, participating in professional societies, and participating as a specialist and keynote speaker at different events.
  • Contributed to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

    Responsible for bringing Saxo’s customer experience to the next level. Established vision, success criteria, and KPIs to deliver an exceptional CX across numerous channels. Undertook business transformation program to redesign team, using outsourcing and securing a 9.3/10 Trustpilot score.

    • We increased the Trustpilot score from 8.5 to 9.3. Net profit grew by 40% from 2013 to 2016. 
    • I established outsourced customer service, reducing operations costs by 17%.
    • We introduced a drop-shipment solution with distributors in the UK and US, resulting in reduced delivery time by 1-3 days and a decrease in operations costs of 5%.
    Support Manager(2016)
    Responsible for customer service. Has outsourced most of the department. Continuously delivers customer service of high quality through the use of KCS. Saxo has a Trustpilot score of ”Perfect” (9.3/10) with more than 26.000 reviews
    Operations Manager (2014)
    Operations Manager (2014) Responsible for customer service and supply chain. 19 employees in two departments. Delivers high-quality in customer contacts and supply chain.
    Customer Service Manager (2013)
    Responsible for customer service. Employed to take Saxo’s customer service to the next level. Established vision, success criteria, and KPIs. Implemented a new phone system and call center software for e-mails and chat.

    SEB Kort

    Head of Support, 2003 – 2013
    SEB Kort, part of SEB, is a leading credit card provider in the Nordics, with more than 3 million issued credit cards. I was responsible for leading a team of 25 employees and delivering service around the clock. As Authorization and Line Manager, I was responsible for planning shifts, training employees, hiring new employees, and keeping expenses within budget. 

    • I led a successful LEAN transformation, improving efficiency by 25% and employee satisfaction by 40%.
    • Supported implementing a new customer service platform aggregating data from multiple systems into one interface. The new platform increased efficiency, decreased training time, and reduced error rate.
    Manager of Nordic 24-hour Servic (2007)
    SEB Kort has 3,4 million issued credit cards in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The department consists of 25 employees and delivers service around the clock.
    Head of Customer Service for Diners Club and SEB Kort member service (2016)
    Responsible for a group of 15 employees. Diners Club has always delivered excellent customer service and has attained a very high placement in Teleperformance’s yearly customer service competition.
    Head of Nordic 24-hour Service in SEB Kort (2005)
    Authorization and Line Manager. Responsible for planning shifts, training employees, hiring new employees, and keeping expenses within budget. Close communication with Nordic colleagues.
    Employee in SEB Kort’s Nordic 24-Hour Service (2003)
    Service consultant. Blocking lost credit cards, giving authorizations, and monitoring fraud on more than 3 million issued cards.

    Varying Roles

    • I learned the value of customer service through working as a support agent at an airline company and a phone company.
    • Self-employed at Arcana Film, a film and video production company specializing in corporate videos.
    Arcana Film (2002)
    Arcana Film has done assignments for Copenhagen Fashion Week, CPH:DOX, DSB S-Tog, Warner Music, GAM, and the National IT and Telecom Agency. Many of these assignments have been for web broadcasts.
    Orange (now Telia) (2001)
    Customer service agent at phone company Orange’s hotline. Specialist responsible for the contact between Orange Hotline and all Orange Shops in Denmark.
    Premiair Inflight Service. Premiair Shop (now Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia)
    Customer service. Registration of tax-free orders for customers from Denmark and Norway.



    Film and Media Science at the University of Copenhagen
    Courses in user interface design, multimedia and communication.


    Nørrevold HF
    High school course.


    Exchange student for Year 11
    Engadine High School, New South Wales, Australia.


    Completed 9th grade

    Courses & Certifications

    October 2023

    CX and NPS℠ Fundamentals.
    NPSx. Bain & Company.

    April 2023

    KCS v6 Fundamentals Certification.
    Consortium for Service Innovation.

    December 2022

    Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), CXPA. Renewed.

    March 2022

    Command of the Message and MEDDPICC Training.
    Force Management.

    December 2021

    Regional Council Member for Europe, CXPA. 
    Customer Experience Professionals Association.

    March 2021

    Founding member and ambassador for The European Customer Experience Organization, ECXO.

    December 2020

    Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), CXPA.

    November 2019

    CX Leadership Masterclass with Ian Golding, CXM2 & iCXA ’19

    June 2015

    “Create Growth Through Better Customer Experiences.”
    Fred Reichheld, the man behind Net Promoter Score®. Wilke and Westergaard A/S.

    April-June 2011

    SEB L.E.A.D., Leadership Expansion and Development.
    Stockholm School of Economics IFL Executive Education
    & Oxford Leadership Academy.

    November 2008

    Training for Managers – SEB Way. 
    Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, SEB.

    SEB Way
    SEB Way is about creating a culture of continuous improvement in order to achieve operational excellence. Including:
  • Process efficiency
  • Performance Management (KPIs & whiteboard meetings)
  • Work organisation & Skill building (Coaching & Feedback)
  • Mindset & Behaviour (Coaching & Feedback)
  • Structured Problem Solving
  • Skill matrix
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • October 2008

    Situational Leadership® II, High Impact-course’, Center for Leadership.

    September 2006

    ’Secrets of Service, Disney-style’ with Steve Riley, Conmoto/CompassPoint Productions.


    • Reading. My Goodreads readings list is here.
    • Walking in the forest next to my house with our King Charles Cavalier spaniel.
    • Taking photos.
    • Spending time with my children.

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