Here, you will find a collection of webinars where I talk about customer insight, ChatGPT, and how to use AI and software to create better customer experiences.

  • “Connect With Your Customer – Refining The Dialogue”
    The Messaging Maven Community. 15 February 2024.

  • “The Role of Customer Support in CX: Leverage Customer Insights, Customer Journeys and more”
    Lumoa. October 3, 2023.

  • “Unlock the powers of GPT and AI with a solid knowledge base”
    Dixa. August 22, 2023.

  • “ChatGPT is coming for your customer service job”
    Dixa. April 18, 2023.

  • “5 Ways to Create an Effortless Experience That Builds Customer Loyalty” with Matthew Dixon.
    Dixa. January 23, 2023.

  • “Proactive Support: How to Implement it and Why” with Mercer Smith (PartnerHero) and Sam Dehar (Assembled).
    Fullview. November 15, 2022.

  • “The State & Future of CX Across Scandinavia” with Kari Korkiakoski, Helen Rigamonti, and Joanna Carr.
    European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO). October 24, 2022.

  • “From CX to Distinctive Experiences” with Joe Pine, Joanna Carr, and Ricardo Saltz Gulko.
    European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO). October 11, 2022.

  • The Key to Offering a Frictionless End-To-End Customer Service Experience” with Lee Cottle.
    Playvox. July 15, 2022.

  • “How To Empower Your Team To Deliver Better Customer Support At Scale”
    Fullview. January 26, 2022.
  • “Kundeservice i praksis”
    Dansk Industri. November 2, 2021.

  • “Customer Service is the New Value Center” with Micah Solomon.
    Dixa. October 4, 2021.

  • “Optimise your digital CX facility with Chatbots, AI tools and new customer self-service techniques”
    Customer Contact Week CCW Digital Europe. September 28, 2021.

  • “Kundeservice post corona”
    Dansk Industri. April 23, 2021.

  • Kundeoplevelsen anno 2021Hvilke forventninger har kunden nu og i fremtiden?
    Haderslev Erhvervsråd (HER). March 25, 2021.

  • “Kundeoplevelsen anno 2021”
    Dansk Industri. February 2, 2021.

  • “Product-Led Customer Success – A Company-Wide Approach to Customer Friendship”
    SaaStock EMEA Online 2020. October 12, 2020.
    Product-Led Customer Success is not just about the product or the customer. Product-Led Customer Success means that you guide the customer through the changes that they have to make to achieve the value they are seeking through technology and SaaS. Part of it is how you use the product, part of it is not. Get insights into how you drive a company-wide customer-centric philosophy and methodology embracing both the success and friendship elements of strong and sustainable customer relations.

  • ”Creating Great B2B Customer Experiences”
    Gro Capital Customer Success event. June 4, 2020.

  • “Live with CXPA: Looking Back, Looking Forward”
    LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.
    Customer Experience Professionals Association (CPXA). December 31, 2020.